LinkedIn Launches 30-Second Videos

09 August 2016

LinkedIn Launches 30-Second Videos

LinkedIn, never quite at the cutting-edge of social media development, takes its time with new innovations and launches them cautiously. However, it develops solid functionality that works well and is popular with its users, as we have seen with, for instance, LinkedIn Pulse.

Now, the site is starting to explore the possibilities of video, long popular on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Users are going to start to see 30-second videos in their LinkedIn feeds but will not be able to create them unless they are considered by the site to be an ‘influencer’. LinkedIn influencers are hand-picked by the site and include people like Bill Gates, Dragon’s Den’s James Caan and Arianna Huffington.

As a way of launching the initiative, LinkedIn is asking its influencers to create videos answering questions relating to their expertise, and to respond to other influencers’ videos. Over 500 influencers are being invited to “share their thoughts on trending professional topics and news, ranging from diversity and workplace culture, to education and innovation”.

Influencers’ videos will be available on their own pages, as well as in the feeds of the users who follow them. Other LinkedIn users will be able to comment on the videos and respond to other people’s comments.

The addition of video seems like a logical step forward for LinkedIn, which will have seen its success on other sites. The increase in availability of tools able to make and edit high-quality videos, such as smart phones and tablets, has made video making accessible to many, and people are keen to share the videos they create on the social networks they use. As live video, too, grows in popularity, LinkedIn is still a little behind, but it is likely that the site will improve availability of video-sharing to its wider user base once its influencer initiative has proved itself.