Using Popular Culture for Local Business: How Pokémon Go Can Boost Your Bottom Line

17 August 2016

Using Popular Culture for Local Business: How Pokémon Go Can Boost Your Bottom Line

You can’t have missed the massive new trend of Pokémon Go, where users go out into the real world and catch Pokémon that are superimposed onto a live map on their mobile devices. More people are using the app now than are using Tinder, on a daily basis, and over 60% of those who have downloaded the Pokémon Go app are using it daily. These stats are immense, making it an interesting prospect for marketers.

At this point, it’s not possible to advertise within the mobile Pokémon Go app, but that does not mean there are no ways to take advantage of its popularity and incredible user base. In this post, we will go through some ways brands can make the most of the Pokémon Go wave:

1. Take advantage of being near PokéStops or Pokémon Go Gyms

Users can go to Pokéstops to get supplies to help them to play the game and, at Gyms, they can fight other users’ avatars to gain points and kudos. If your business is close to a Pokéstop or Gym, make the most of this and let your customers know they can play the game in your premises. Create special deals for people accessing these resources and encourage them to check in to your premises on other social media platforms, increasing your visibility amongst their contacts and friends.

2. Create content that relates to Pokémon Go

It’s impossible to deny that Pokémon Go is buzzing right now, so creating content that relates it to your product, service or brand can be a popular way of making yourself relevant and interesting to your target audience.

3. Offer incentives to users related to the game

This Sheffield tattoo shop promised to activate a local lure node once they had tattooed every Pokémon onto its clients.

Try to think of similarly creative ways of creating incentives for your customers to engage with your business, with the promise of Pokémon benefits in the future. Perhaps you will offer discounts for people who have caught particular Pokémon.

4. Use physical marketing to catch attention

Promote your local Pokéstops and Gyms with physical posters as well as social media posts. If you don’t have one in your own premises, promote one that will at least cause people to walk by your business on their way there!