Improve Your Facebook Organic Reach

30 August 2016

Improve Your Facebook Organic Reach

In June, Facebook issued an update to its algorithm that decides what its users see in their news feed. Admitting it “may cause reach and referral traffic to decline for some Pages”, Lars Backstrom, their Engineering Director, explained that the site was going to prioritise personal updates from friends and family over Page posts from brands and businesses.

So, what can businesses do to increase the chances that their organic Facebook posts will be seen?

All is not lost; there are still steps that brands can take that will improve the likelihood that their posts will receive a decent organic reach. It may just take a little more work than it used to.

Here’s our outline of best-practice tips and tricks:

Engagement leads to engagement

While we don’t have access to Facebook’s algorithm, it most likely learns from what its users engage with and share. This means that, if you have a cracking post that lots of your fans like, comment on and share, those fans are more likely to see your future updates, too.

In the same way, if you post anything and everything with no high-quality curation standards, you will score poorly and your future posts will be hidden from view.

For this reason, encouraging engagement is a worthwhile use of your time. Don’t forget to use calls to action, and only share the very best content you can find.

Preferred audience targeting

Preferred audience targeting is a new feature for Facebook Page owners. Similar to ad targeting, Page owners will be able to target their organic posts to particular groups of fans, helping you to get your updates in front of those who are most likely to appreciate them.

Preferred audience targeting is not yet available on every Facebook Page, so hold on if it doesn’t show up for you yet.

Invite engaged followers to like your Page

Not many people know this but, if somebody engages with a post on your Facebook Page but isn’t already a fan, you can directly invite them to ‘like’ it.

You know that these people are likely to engage in future posts, based on their past behaviour, so this can be a highly effective way to increase your engagement levels and your fan numbers.

To do this, click on the list of people who have liked your post and you will see their names, along with either ‘invite’, ‘liked’ or ‘invited’. You can click ‘invite’ next to the names of those people who are not already your fans and they will receive an invitation to ‘like’ your Page.

This only works for Pages with fewer than 100,000 fans.

Give your fans what they love

Look at your engagement stats and provide more of what your Page’s fans like. Do they react well to video content? Do they share a lot of your images? Do they comment on blog posts?

Every Page’s fan profile is different, so don’t just create content around what other people say is effective. Use the insights Facebook offers you about your fans to tailor-make content that suits them precisely.