6 Chrome Browser Extensions to Make an SEO’s Life More Streamlined (and Far, Far Easier)

31 August 2016

6 Chrome Browser Extensions to Make an SEO’s Life More Streamlined (and Far, Far Easier)

Effective search engine optimisation often involves carrying out certain tasks repeatedly to achieve the best results. Difficult to automate while still maintaining quality, SEO work can be repetitive and involve calculations and judgements based on facts that are not immediately accessible. Unless you use the right tools.

And, frequently, those tools are available as web browser extensions. Rather than manually checking a website’s domain and page authority, for instance, the MozBar will automatically give you the stats you need, and if you want to avoid display issues on browsers you don’t normally use, User-Agent Switcher can be a lifesaver.

So, here are some tools to take a look at and consider installing to streamline your SEO work:

1. Check your links with Check My Links. This tool finds every link on a webpage and quickly indicates which work and which are broken. On your own site, you can fix broken links by updating them. On other people’s sites, you can identify broken links and suggest the site owner links to your content instead, if it’s relevant.

2. Measure your page-load time. We know that page-load speed is a ranking factor in Google search, and nobody wants their site visitors to have to wait a long time for content or products to load. This page-load time browser extension simply measures how long it takes a page to load and displays the time on its browser icon.

3. Get tonnes of analytics information with MozBar. Once it is installed, every search you carry out and every website you visit will be complemented by a range of useful stats at the top of your screen. You can access metrics that will help you with your website optimisation and another useful feature is the ability to carry out searches according to different regions and search engines.

4. For an analysis of on-site SEO, check out the SEO & Website Analysis extension from Woorank. Whenever you load a webpage, you can click the icon for the Woorank extension and, in a matter of seconds, a panel will load that shows you an estimation of the site’s traffic, an assessment of its social impact, its mobile load time, rendering and optimisation, and a summary of its on-site search engine optimisation.

5. Check your website displays properly in other browsers, including mobile friendliness checking, with User-Agent Switcher. You can then take screenshots of how your website looks and make sure it is loading correctly in different settings.

6. Look at your website from different countries with Browsec. For some website owners, the ability to see their website as it looks for somebody in, say, the USA, is really valuable. Perhaps you have an e-commerce store and you want to see whether it shows the correct prices in a different currency, or you want the content you share to be different according to where the user is who’s accessing it. Browsec is a basic, free VPN that allows you to take a look at your site as if from different locations in the world.