SEO Website Audits: What You Need to Check

27 September 2016

SEO Website Audits: What You Need to Check

Having a thorough audit of your website is something every business should periodically do. Content audits, making sure your usability is on point and SEO audits are especially important, so consider scheduling them in every 6 months or so to ensure your website is performing at its best and your content is serving your customers and driving traffic to, and interest in, your brand. Finally, make sure your website is easy to use and intuitive for your customers to explore.

For an SEO audit, these are some of the things you want to check up on. Take the list step by step until you have worked through it all:

1. Do you have accurate XML site maps? There are plenty of plugins available for Wordpress sites that automate this process but it’s worth verifying that everything is working correctly during an audit

2. Is your site mobile friendly? Even though Google has removed ‘mobile friendly’ tags from search results, sites that perform poorly on smartphones and tablets will be penalised and, perhaps even more importantly, cause customers to run away in droves

3. Are your images optimised? Large images can be a leading cause of slow-loading webpages, so get extra SEO points for site speed by making sure the images you use are not huge, and that they have descriptive titles and alt text

4. Check site speed overall. Google has its own tool to measure your site speed, so test it and implement improvements before testing again

5. Check out your internal navigation and internal linking. Do you have broken links? Do some links direct users to the wrong page? This is in part a usability issue, but having a strong internal linking structure helps search engine bots to crawl your site effectively, too

6. Look at your title tags and meta data. Are they still an accurate representation of what is on your website? Are they filled out and optimised?

7. Is your markup correct? There are tools to verify that these pieces of code are rendering correctly in the search results

8. Is Analytics set up correctly? It’s impossible to work out how effective your SEO and PPC efforts are if you can’t measure your results. Similarly, you won’t know if your site has taken a hit in a search update if you don’t know what your data normally looks like.