It’s time to prepare your e-commerce store for Halloween

07 October 2016

It’s time to prepare your e-commerce store for Halloween

A few years ago, Halloween wasn’t an especially significant celebration in the UK. We saw all the dressing up and partying that went on in the States but the event was marked here by low-key trick or treating amongst small children and little else.

In recent years, however, Halloween has become a much bigger deal. People change their Twitter usernames to something spooky, shops sell out of dressing-up clothes and special foods are made and sold for the occasion. If your business is in the clothing or food industry, you may be able to tailor your offerings to suit the Halloween crowd but, even if you run a store selling something unrelated to the originally Pagan celebration, you can still take advantage of people getting in the party spirit.

If you want to get the most benefit from the holiday, planning ahead is the best strategy. After all, some people plan their outfits and their parties months in advance – you don’t want to miss your opportunity.

Update your design with spooky themes

You don’t need to do an entire redesign of your website, but adding some skulls, spider webs, witches or pumpkins to your logo or web pages can show people that you’re getting in the Halloween spirit.

If you don’t want to do anything to your site itself, consider at least adding spooky themes to your logos on social media.

Run a Halloween-based contest

Make the most of the season by running a Halloween-themed contest on your social media sites or your blog. Take the opportunity to promote your products by featuring them as prizes, and use your pumpkin / spider web / ghost / skull etc. branding to get people in the mood.

Create ghostly content

Content that is focused on a Halloween theme can provide a fun way for customers to interact with your website. Create quizzes and blog posts that will draw in customers and consider gating some content so that it expands when it is shared socially… this can help new people to find your brand.

Consider how Halloween themes can relate to your products. If you sell food, share some pumpkin soup recipes, or if you sell arts and craft items, demonstrate spooky creations that can be made with your products.

Make use of special offers

Whether or not your products are in any way related to Halloween, you can make the most of the celebration by offering a discount code or added extra for your customers. If the code GHOSTLY10 will give people 10% off, share it far and wide and see how many new customers you attract.

See it as the start of a busy season

Halloween may not be especially relevant to your business but it is soon followed by Guy Fawkes Night, Black Friday and then Christmas. Even if you don’t want to make a huge deal of Halloween, use it as a prompt to start preparing your e-commerce store for the other celebrations that follow, if you haven’t already.