Facebook Advertising Ideas for Christmas Marketing

03 November 2016

Facebook Advertising Ideas for Christmas Marketing

It’s that time of the year, and whether or not you believe it’s as wonderful as the songs preach, there’s no denying that it’s an important period for marketers to get the most out of their customers.

Facebook advertising offers marketing possibilities that are unique in their ability to target customers according to very specific demographic criteria. For online retailers, it’s an essential tool, but other businesses should also consider how they can use this marketing approach to reach their customers as they browse their friends’ updates.

Here are some ideas for online retailers to consider:

1. Share gift ideas. It seems obvious, but many online retailers try so hard to be clever that they miss the most important steps. Match your products to certain demographics and promote them as ‘perfect for Dad this Christmas!’ and so on. Remember, don’t promote Dad gifts to Dads, or Mum gifts to Mums. Use the demographics you have at your fingertips and make sure you are targeting the appropriate family members or friends, not the gift recipients themselves.

2. Look at different ad formats. Multi-product ads, for instance, allow you to display a carousel of images that could attract the attention of your potential customers, while dynamic ads can help you if your online store has a large inventory and it’s impossible to create individual ads for each product.

3. Offer compelling discounts. 5% off a spend over £60 won’t attract anybody. But 40% off one of your leading products, or 20% off shopping baskets that total £40 or over could lead reticent customers to visit your site and get out their credit card.

4. Create competitions and promote them with your Facebook ads. As a way of getting customer attention, online giveaways and promotions are unbeatable, so promoting your Facebook competition with ads will encourage even more people to get involved. Make your prize something that people really want, and prompt people to ‘like’ your Facebook Page, join your email list or make a purchase. Don’t break any of Facebook’s competition rules, though.

5. Demonstrate good will and don’t always aim for the hard sell. Coca-Cola’s ‘make someone happy’ Christmas theme does not tell customers to buy Coke, it just aims to share the joy of the season. Cynically, of course! But the message behind the banner is one of community and good will, which pleases many customers and promotes the brand. Share about a campaign you are supporting or just post a ‘happy holidays’ message. The good vibes will get through to your customer and improve brand recognition and promote positive sentiments.