6 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic Via Pinterest

14 December 2016

6 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic Via Pinterest

Pinterest allows users to share everything from pictures to recipes, craft ideas to interior design tips. Many big-brand companies have utilised this social media site. British fashion giant Topshop, for example, used Pinterest during London Fashion Week 2016. In addition to scooping up major press coverage from their innovative campaign, they also saw a 260% increase in impressions on Pinterest marketing alone.

Or how about the online interior store MADE.COM. A favourite with the young and aspirational everywhere, MADE.COM increase their transactions by 106% and revenue by 173% by using Pinterest to promote their products.

According to their very own Global Marketing and Communications Director, Sheena Sauvaire, “Pinterest is the social platform that drives the most amount of sales for global businesses”.

A very bold statement indeed, but when you consider the following, you may be equally as inclined to jump on board:

  • Pinterest has over 70 million users
  • Those 70 millions users have sent a combined total of over 30 million pins
  • 80% of pins are re-pins (just like retweets).

Make Pinterest work for you by remembering these 6 key points:

1. A picture speaks a thousand words

As an image-heavy website, the more interesting your images are, the more interest they will muster. Optimise your images for greater success.

Quantity is just as important as quality. Etsy, the online marketplace site, is currently seeing high levels of success by using boards of 100 pins or more, filled with clean, high-resolution images and captivating captions.

2. Tell users where to go

If you want to attract more visitors to your blog, you need to tell them where to find it. Always attach your URL to any pictures that you post, as you want users to be directed there when they click the link.

3. Time your posts just right

The frequency and timing of your posts on Pinterest can make a huge impact on your engagement rate. The best times to pin are daily between 2.00 - 4.00 pm and Fridays at 3.00 pm. Research suggests that you should pin anywhere between 5 to 30 times a day to see the most engagement. This may sound like a lot of work, but the results can be well worth the effort in the long run.

4. Grow a targeted audience

There are two main ways to build a targeted audience on Pinterest:

a) Look for successful people and brands in your niche and follow their followers

b) Look for successful boards related to your niche and follow their followers.

A targeted audience leads to higher levels of engagement leading to more exposure for your blog.

5. Verify your account

Much like on Twitter, verified accounts are superior to un-verified accounts. The checkmarks are there to ensure that users find what they are looking for, and to reassure them that the content comes from an entirely trustworthy source.

6. Participate in group boards

When you first start out on Pinterest you won’t have an audience. Group boards are constantly updated with more pins so they rank well in the internal search engine and generate more engagement. Joining the right group boards can get your blog in front of thousands of followers in one easy step.

Pinterest is a thriving social network that is here to stay, and can bring a surprising amount of traffic to your blog. Consider Pinterest as part of your social media marketing, and think images over text.