Increase conversions with exceptional landing pages

22 December 2016

Increase conversions with exceptional landing pages

Despite the saying, most of us do judge a book by its cover. And, on the web, we judge websites by their landing pages, too. Web design trends are constantly changing hence it pays to get it right. Here are 3 top tips to improve your landing page and boost your conversions:

Create instant impact

Your site has to grab a visitor’s attention and drag them into your content. The way to do this is to answer the key sales question, “What’s in it for me?” and to do so clearly and succinctly.

Give your visitor a compelling reason to stick around and go further and give it quickly. This includes making sure that the page loads up as quickly as their internet speed allows. Remember that, these days, visitors may be accessing the internet on anything from a smartphone (with its tiny screen) to a smart TV (with its huge one) so, at this point in time, responsiveness (i.e. the ability to adapt the look of a page to suit different devices) is now, effectively, mandatory.

One page equals one call to action

One of the golden rules of retail is to avoid confusing people with too many choices. Having too many calls to action leaves the visitor, not you, to decide which - if any - they want to implement.

At the same time, you do actually want your visitor to take some form of action - that’s why you went to the effort of getting them to your site in the first place - so make it clear which one, specific action you want them to take.

Make it easy for them to do so and provide a sweetener if at all possible (e.g. “sign up to our newsletter and receive x% off your first order” or “Be the first to hear about special offers and take advantage of our subscriber-only offers”).

Remember that clarity beats creativity every time

In the early days of the web, some web designers got so excited with all the new tools that were being created to produce an ever-greater range of special effects that they basically went looking for reasons (excuses) to use them without bothering to think about whether or not these tools actually improved the user experience in any way. Think mouse movements that leave a trail of shining stars behind them.

Thankfully this approach to web design has been reined in to a great extent over the years, but it’s yet to be completely eliminated. Resist the temptation to think of your landing page as the place to impress your visitors with special effects and creative design. Be smart and keep it simple.