4 Tips for Writing Irresistible Blog Post Titles

04 January 2017

4 Tips for Writing Irresistible Blog Post Titles

If you want to capture the attention of people who are busy deciding which of the millions of web pages out there deserves their time, you’d better get very good at writing effective titles for your blog posts. Catching people’s attention on Twitter or Facebook when your post is one among many is not easy. Fortunately, writing great blog titles is a skill that can be learned - here are 4 top tips to get you started.

1. Use a relevant keyword

These days blogs need to be written with both humans and computers in mind, since new readers are very likely to find the blog via a search engine. Therefore putting your (main) keyword in your title increases your chances both of being picked up by the search engine and of catching the attention of the human reader.

2. See if you can add a number

Numbers are great in blog titles because they give the reader an idea of what to expect. Titles such as “The number 1 reason…”, “5 quick and easy tips…” or “the 3 best ways to…” all give a clear indication of the sort of level of information contained in the blog.

Long lists of quick points work just as well as short lists of more in-depth information, so tailor your content according to what your readers want and provide great value. Make sure the points you make are well researched and accurate.

3. Be specific about your topic

This is rather like the comment about numbers. Some topics are so vast that even people who are interested in the theme will want some sort of reassurance that your blog is relevant to them. “Football” for example, is a massively popular topic, which generates immense numbers of searches and social attention, but there is a ridiculous amount of content for people to find.

Be specific. Instead of writing a vague title like “Best Football Players”, write something like “The 12 Best Football Players in the EPL”. You could even narrow it down further to different positions.

4. Be creative but stay realistic

The very best blog titles are ones that are both creative and clear, avoiding the “clickbait” titles that are so prevalent on the net. These sorts of titles may indeed boost your click-through rate for a short time and give you some impressive statistics to show advertisers, but over the long term they will almost certainly damage your credibility and your rankings.

Going back to our football example, you could jazz up the previous title with a bit of alliteration, e.g. “The 12 Most Fantastic Footballers Found on the Field Right Now (and Why)”. It has exactly the same meaning, but comes across as a bit more fun.