Facebook Automated Rules: A Different Way to Manage Your Ads

01 February 2017

Facebook Automated Rules: A Different Way to Manage Your Ads

Facebook is one of the key advertising and marketing platforms on the web. To maintain this, it has to be able to attract custom from the numerous small businesses that are such a feature of the economy and, for that to happen, it has to make sure that using Facebook as an advertising platform is at least as easy as using arch-rival Google. It is for this reason that it has introduced Facebook Automated Rules.

What exactly are Facebook Automated Rules?

Facebook Automated Rules are a set of pre-defined rules that are used to manage individual adverts, sets of adverts or whole campaigns. If the specified rule is triggered, Facebook will take one of the following actions:

  • Alert you
  • Turn off the ad/set/campaign
  • Adjust the budget (within your parameters)
  • Adjust the manual bid (within your parameters).

What does that actually mean in the real world?

If you’re following good advertising practice, you’ll launch an advert/campaign with a specific aim in mind and you’ll have defined criteria as to how you’ll identify success versus failure.

A lot of the time, you’re going to have to use at least a bit of trial and error before you discover what really works, which means that you’re probably going to create some failures on your road to success; but continuing to run unsuccessful adverts/campaigns will cost you money that would be far better spent elsewhere.

Therefore, in an ideal world, you want to be able to switch off an advert/campaign as soon as it becomes evident that it has met your criteria for failure. In the real world, however, people are busy, particularly people in small businesses, who may be juggling a number of diverse roles.

Facebook Automated Rules have been created so that advertisers can get on with their other work, safe in the knowledge that Facebook will let them know and/or act on their behalf the moment it needs to do so.

What rules are available and what do I need to know about them?

At the moment, Facebook has 16 rules available, which can be used individually or in combination. They are:

  • Cost per Result
  • Cost per Add Payment Info (Facebook Pixel)
  • Cost per Click (Link)
  • Cost per App Install
  • Cost per Add to Cart (Facebook Pixel)
  • Cost per Initiate Checkout (Facebook Pixel)
  • Cost per Purchase (Facebook Pixel)
  • Cost per Lead (Facebook Pixel)
  • Cost per Complete Registration (Facebook Pixel)
  • CPM (Cost per 1,000 impressions)
  • Daily Spent
  • Frequency
  • Impressions
  • Lifetime Spent
  • Reach
  • Results.

It’s far from a coincidence that over half of these rules include the word “cost” since arguably the single, biggest benefit of Facebook Automated Rules is that it can help small businesses to keep their advertising costs within budgeted and manageable limits.

In other words, you can now decide in advance how much you are prepared to pay to achieve a particular result and have Facebook either alert you or shut down the relevant advert/campaign the moment this threshold is breached.