Facebook Post Ideas to Boost Engagement

22 February 2017

Facebook Post Ideas to Boost Engagement

User engagement on Facebook is far more important than the total number of likes a Page has, and a higher number of shares, comments and likes on posts means that the site’s Edgerank algorithm will favour future posts from a Page, showing them to more people. Because of this, it’s important to create the sort of posts which encourage those vital likes and shares.

Here are 12 suggestions for posts that are great for triggering engagement:

1. Contest posts

Even small prizes can be a great way to get likes, shares and followers. If your budget runs to something bigger, then you can challenge people to a higher level of engagement.

2. Spread the memes

Inspirational quotes, funny photos, “Throwback Thursday” content, anything that is quickly absorbed and enjoyable is great for engagement.

3. Discount codes/special offers

Sprinkle these judiciously across your posts, make them time limited and encourage your followers to share them.

4. Newsjacking posts

By their very nature these can be hard to plan in advance, but always keep your eyes and ears open and be ready to take advantage of any chance to piggyback on a trending topic.

5. ‘A day in the life’ posts

Today, who you are is at least as important as what you sell. Put a human face on your business and let your customers see that your values are in alignment with theirs by giving them a glimpse behind the scenes of your business.

6. Book/film/other reviews

These don’t even have to be directly related to your business, although if they are it’s a bonus. You could chat about your opinion of a recent release or, alternatively, tell your followers about older/niche releases which may be new to them.

7. Run a poll

Ask people to take a survey and they will often start to wonder just how long it’s going to take them. Divide the same survey into single-question polls and you get answers + user engagement!

8. ‘What would you do?’ posts

There are all kinds of ways you can run these posts, from asking your followers to help with real-life business decisions to asking them how they solve problems in their own life.

9. Fill-in-the-blank posts

You’ll find variations of fill-in-the-blank posts all over the place from mainstream newspaper to TV quizzes. People just seem to love them.

10. ‘Caption the picture’ posts

This is another much-loved format, appearing in all kinds of channels. It combines two social media favourites of photos and quizzes. For maximum engagement, you could offer a prize for the best entry.

11. Puzzles/riddles

You don’t even need to offer a prize for brainteasers and riddles to be fun. Many people just enjoy a challenge. Just make a note to remember to post the answer!

12. (Old) selfies

Selfies put a human face on a business (literally) and are hence very popular. For a bit of a twist on this, sprinkle in some photos from your childhood days, maybe on Throwback Thursdays.

On the subject of engagement, always remember to engage with your followers. Like, share and reply to their comments and maybe even follow them back. That is the essence of social media success.