Using Paid Social to boost your influencers content

02 March 2017

Using Paid Social to boost your influencers content

The idea of using someone else’s influence and following to promote your own products is nothing new. Its modern incarnation is working with social media influencers. As with any social media strategy, there are some fundamentals which need to be understood in order to make this work effectively.

Make the most of your influencer

Reputable influencers will be very careful about partnering with brands, to ensure that any partnerships are a suitable match for their followers. Therefore, your influencer should be someone who is at least in tune with your brand. The more they connect with your brand, your product(s) and your service(s), the more sincerely (and hence effectively) they will be able to promote you to their followers.

Because of this, making the most of influencers essentially boils down to good people-management skills so that you build mutually beneficial relationships. While it’s fine, indeed highly recommended, to make your influencer aware of your expectations, always remember that the whole reason you are working with them is because you want access to the following they have developed by being them.

Therefore, if your influencer feels that a particular approach is wrong for their audience, then you should listen to them. Respect the fact that they know their audience and move on. If you find these scenarios happening on a regular basis, however, it may be a sign that you need to look at a new partnership.

Promoting influencers’ content on social media

Used effectively, influencer marketing should create a virtuous circle of driving value for both parties. That being so, it can be very much worth your while to put time and effort (and money) into promoting your influencer, so that they can do a more effective job of promoting you.

Paid social media advertising is one way to do this but there are others, for example swapping content, providing your influencer with merchandise for a giveaway, letting them have a special offer (introductory gift, discount code…) or helping them extend their reach.

Choose the most appropriate channel for the desired result

Basically, there are two ways you can work with influencers. You can have them promote you through their accounts or you can have them put in “guest appearances” on your channel. Alternatively, you could do a combination of the two.

The right approach to use depends on the situation. If you just want a quick “push” for a particular goal, then having your influencer promote you on their account is probably the way to go. That’s where their followers are used to finding them, so you’re just adopting the age-old strategy of going where the customers are.

Influencer promotions on your channels should be very carefully managed and integrated with your own content and plans. If you’re working with an influencer over the long term, using both of your channels for promotional content can make a lot of sense for both of you.