Influencer marketing: 4 Quick Tips to give your strategy a kick start

03 March 2017

Influencer marketing: 4 Quick Tips to give your strategy a kick start

In the past few years, the search for a more authentic and trusted voice, has led brands to collaborate with influencers. The trust index places influencers third in rankings, closely following number 1- Family, and number 2 – Friends. Interestingly, brands are positioned much further down the list at number 8. Whether you’re already equipped with an influencer strategy or have recently secured the budget for this activity, I’ve outlined 4 key tips to help you hit the ground running with your influencer marketing activity in 2017 and onwards.

  • Understand the extended landscape

We’ve experienced many brands launching influencer campaigns because of leftover budgets, or allocating much less budget than other channels. An ATL campaign would never be launched without the necessary planning and neither should influencer activity. Despite the increase of interest in influencer marketing, the industry is still bombarded with uninspiring campaigns. To avoid this, don’t do anything until you understand exactly what you’re looking to achieve from your strategy.

  • Outline your KPI’s

Brand Awareness, Engagement and Conversion - the golden trio. This is typically what your influencer marketing campaign should be working towards.

1)Creating brand awareness is all about bringing in new audiences and note that this does not mean conversion at first instance.

2)A step closer to conversion is engagement, the key here is to really nail trust and brand advocacy that is needed for your consumer to purchase from your brand.

3)Advocacy amongst a pre-engaged audience will increase conversion, so this may be the point in which you incorporate more of a sell in angle such as promotional codes or influencer discount code.

Make sure to set KPI’s first and work on the creative brief second. Following your campaign, you’re going to have to show the value of your campaign. This means providing clear stats to justify your budget and of course to secure further investment for additional campaigns.

  • Don’t Skimp on budget

Budget constraint is often the reason as to why a brand may not have explored influencer marketing. If you dedicate the budget required to create an engaging and exciting campaign, you’re likely to create a profitable return. Always keep in mind that an influencer collaboration requires them to create a conversation about your brand through creative, interesting and high quality content. All of this takes times, and cutting corners will only result as ineffective or worse still, damaging to your brand.

  • Collaboration is two way

Once you spend time finding the correct influencer, it’s important to nurture that relationship. Often, I hear from influencers, the frustrations of working with brands who dictate the creative narrative. There’s huge shortfalls to a prescriptive approach; you’re missing out on a valuable creative resource if you develop your campaign without them. It’s important to appreciate influencers talents, beyond their stats and appreciate their positions as content creators. From my experience, giving an influencer the creative freedom to contribute to the strategy, rather than directly asking them to do something, creates far more buy in.

There are no real shortcuts and influencer marketing campaigns require just as much time, effort and planning as any other marketing method. Following a detailed strategy, buy in from your influencers and necessary budget will create promising results.

Shabz Choudhury

Digital PR & Partnerships Consultant