Bloggers Lounge Presents: Help! What should I do with influencer marketing in 2017?

Mon 13 March 17

Bloggers Lounge Presents: Help! What should I do with influencer marketing in 2017?

Wednesday 8th March

Kicking things off was Shan McGinley, official Presenter at Snapchat – The Art of Hustle

Key points:

  • Snapchat – be in the moment. The platform is a playground for creative off the cuff content. Utilize this factor to the max.
  • Don’t be shy – encourage moments that will shine a light on the personalities of the artists/athletes.
  • Hunt for the edge – it’s not always about the artists. The crowd and atmosphere are the nuts and bolts of the best stories.

  • Another Voice – How influential is the voice you’re working with? Where is the message going? How does that feedback to the brand? In a world full of noise, how do you achieve longevity?
  • Personality – The most vital element in 2017

-Does your brand have a personality of its own?

-What artist/tastemakers could the brand begin collaborating with to evolve a new vision?

-Are you actively scouting out the next wave of influencers?

-You could help these figures early doors and be a part of their journey forever!

Followed by Shannon Jennings, founder of The Click, an influencer at Codinghandbags and Digital Partnerships at Arcadia – Reach or

Key points:Relevance

  • Influencer marketing is not a fad. Don't ask your intern to 'look up bloggers'. Invest proper time
  • How to decide on the right influencer – Are they a good customer fit? Do they match your brand? Can they tell a story?
  • “The day of advertising, stealing someone’s time is over. Distrupting the consumer is no longer a viable strategy, we must connect to them where they want to listen.” – Gary Vee
  • A good influencer has a community not a following.

Last to the stage was Ashleigh Auckland, Senior International Digital Marketing Manager at Marks & Spencers – Influencer & Content Marketing: How to amplify your brands influencer program and think multichannel.

Key points:

‘47% of online shoppers use ad blocking technology. The way to reach them is to provide content they want from people they trust’

  • Influencers aren’t one size fits all. Which influencers are going to drive each product categories?
  • Get longevity out of influencer content. Leverage their audience.
  • We can now associate an ROI to influencer campaigns which we couldn’t do before.
  • The Three Funnelled approach - Brand alignment > Content > SEO > Multichannel Approach

A huge thanks to everyone that attended including our panel of insightful experts. We hope to see you at our next event!

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