Content ideas for when you're stuck in a rut

18 April 2017

Content ideas for when you're stuck in a rut

One of the challenges of content creation is the need to come up with original, engaging posts, even on days when your brain could use a break. Here is a lucky list of seven ideas to bank for those days when you feel like your content is getting into a rut and you need to find your way out of it.

Repurpose your old content

If you’ve been creating content for a while, chances are that you have an archive of posts. Have a look through and see what could be updated and reposted. While you’re doing that, you may get some ideas for new content. You could also try using old material to create a “then and now” post, showing how your niche has moved on since you wrote the original post.

Create a curated post

When you’re out of ideas, see what other people have been doing. Copying other people’s work is, of course, an absolute no, but legitimately pulling together some links you think your followers will enjoy and, if possible, adding a few comments about them, can be a great strategy for producing occasional low-effort/high-engagement posts.

Get quotable

Succinct and meaningful quotes can make for hugely popular posts. If you need to create longer-form content, find a few of them (there are plenty of quote sites out there) and add some words about what they mean to you.

Create a favourites list

What are you loving in your niche this week/month? Tell your followers about it and explain what it is that you love. If possible, include some tips on how to get the best out of it and maybe some alternatives for those with different budgets.

If there’s a feature about it that you don’t like, share that too, as it shows honesty, which promotes trust, but avoid posts along the lines of “X things I hate about..”. Unless you have the writing skill to make them educational, entertaining or inspiring, the negativity may turn off your followers.

Share your top tips

Useful tips are some of the most popular posts out there. People love to feel that they’re learning something new from someone they like and trust. If you feel that you’re stuck for tips, then do some research on the net. You’re basically saving your readers the time and effort of doing it themselves and hence adding value.

Post a DIY

Whatever niche you’re in, there’s probably a DIY you can share. Many people love the satisfaction of making something themselves, just the way they want it, even if it actually winds up the same price as (or more than!) an equivalent, shop-bought product. If you know (or can find) a DIY that saves people money, you’re pretty much on to a guaranteed winner.

Put together a “how to”

One of the easiest ways to pull together a “how to” post is to look through your old posts, find one that was particularly popular and riff off that. For example, say you wrote a post about this season’s handbag styles and your readers clearly enjoyed it, you could spin a “how to” on finding the perfect handbag for your lifestyle and budget.