Creating content on a budget using internal resources

18 July 2017

Creating content on a budget using internal resources

Nowadays, the need for great content is widely understood and self-evident. It is vital for every brand that wants to differentiate itself and produce keyword-rich content to help its discoverability online.

Great content, however, can also be very expensive. It therefore makes sense to investigate what you can produce on using internal resources.

Become a thought leader by using what you already know (or can easily find out)

The internet is full of opinions. Everybody has them and everybody likes to voice them. The best opinion pieces, however, are generally backed by hard facts. They provide fresh insight into a topic and support it with up-to-date research. You may be surprised to find how much fresh research you actually have available to you.

Your customer data can provide you with a wealth of information

If you’re running a successful business, then you know your customers. You almost certainly have a wide range of statistical data on their demographics and/or their habits (and if you don’t then it’s time to start tracking these metrics).

Obviously, you need to think carefully about what information you’re willing to share and what you want (or need) to keep private, but often it’s possible to find something that is suitable for the public domain. If not, or if you want to expand on what you have at minimal cost, then you can try undertaking new research.

Your email marketing list is a list of potential survey participants

These days, it’s easy to create an online survey, but the challenge is to get people to complete it. So, if you’ve built up a significant email marketing list, then you’re in a very strong position to conduct surveys that generate the maximum number of responses at minimum cost.

Of course, a bit of tact and common sense is called for here. You want to make the survey just long enough to gather meaningful data without making it so long that respondents get bored.

It can also be helpful to offer some sort of inducement for completing the survey, which could be anything from a discount code for all respondents to a spot prize for a response chosen at random.

Fresh data is a key point in promotion

Creating great content is only half the story; you also need to put the word out on the digital street that you have content that is worth a user’s time.

Getting people’s attention means providing them with a unique selling point and fresh research, undertaken by your company, is, by definition, unique. When it is relevant to your niche, then it is definitely a selling point.

With this in mind, you should make all possible efforts to reach out to promote this content on the platforms which are most relevant to your audience. At a minimum, your research should serve to generate awareness of your company, and with effective promotion, high-quality research should establish or enhance your credibility as an authority in the content area and may provide opportunities to exchange links with other respected websites.