Gain PPC success for time-limited offers

27 July 2017

Gain PPC success for time-limited offers

There’s nothing quite like a deadline for getting people’s attention and, if you want to make the most of your carefully-crafted, time-limited offers, then you need to optimise your pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to suit them.

Here is a five-step process to achieve this, which should ideally be started at least three weeks before your launch date.

Duplicate your preferred AdGroup

Keep the original group as it stands so you can keep track of its history. Use the duplicate for your time-limited offer so you can schedule an end to it without risking your ongoing advertising, and customise the adverts in your duplicated group for your time-limited offer.

Use Google’s ad tools to get the best results

You’re running a special, time-limited offer, so you want adverts that reflect this. In particular, consider making use of price extensions. Price extensions are a relatively new addition to Google’s range; basically they are mini-adverts, which display below your main advert and provide more detail about what you company has to offer. They have numerous uses, including highlighting time-limited offers.

If you’re using ad customisers within AdWords then the countdown feature could be a great tool to use here. In today’s world where, if truth be told, it’s far from unusual for companies to be running endless sales, using the countdown tool can help to convince customers that you, at least, are serious and that they had better take action and buy now rather than procrastinating.

Pause your old group and launch start your new one

Monitor, tweak and test. You may get your new advert right first time, but chances are you will not. If at all possible, allow at least a week for testing, especially if this is the first time you’ve tried to customise your PPC adverts for time-limited offers or if it’s the first time you’re trying out new features like price extensions and the countdown tool.

Once you have a few time-limited campaigns under your belt and you’ve seen what’s worked and what hasn’t, then you may be able to shorten the testing time, but never launch without any testing at all.

When you are ready to launch, use automatic scheduling for both old and new groups

It can be really easy to switch on a new campaign for a time-limited offer and forget to switch it off again once the offer has ended. One of the many benefits of using duplicate campaigns is that it allows you to switch seamlessly between your standard campaign and the time-limited offer and vice versa. Basically, you use the ad scheduling tool to start and end your time-limited adverts as appropriate and the same tool to start the old adverts as soon as the time-limited ones finish.

Watch and learn from other people (especially your competitors)

As well as being a business owner, you are also a customer and you probably also carry out internet searches when you are making purchase decisions. If an advert catches your eye, stop and think about why and see if you can integrate the strategy into your own campaigns.