PPC ad copy: get the best results with these 5 tips

01 August 2017

PPC ad copy: get the best results with these 5 tips

When placing PPC ads, there are several factors to take into account, and getting each of them right is vital to your advertising success. One of these factors is the ad copy; the words you use to describe your product, service, offering or deal. Here are 5 top tips to get it right:

1. Keywords are only part of the story

While keywords still form the foundation of an effective PPC strategy, sticking to the “old-school” strategy of sprinkling your adverts with your target keyword(s) is a recipe for failure. Of course, your keyword needs to be mentioned at least once in your advert, but unless it happens to be a genuinely compelling benefit then the focus of your advert should be elsewhere.

2. Remember emotion drives buying decisions

Fundamentally, customers buy products and services to improve their life in some way. Certain types of products, such as jewellery, are often sold on emotion above anything else, but even everyday products can be made more appealing with carefully-chosen words to elicit positive emotions. Likewise, if you’re offering a time-sensitive deal, then using an ad enhancer like the countdown tool can help to emphasise the need to act quickly.

3. People like to buy from people they like

While you’re thinking about choosing words that evoke positive emotions, remember to think about using words that reflect your brand and create a good impression of it. Even if you don’t make an immediate sale, the positive impression will help in the long run.

4. Be upfront about price

Unless you have a genuine reason to keep price details off your website - for example, you create custom orders and need to have a detailed specification in order to be able to generate a price - then being upfront about your price saves everyone time and frustration.

Customers will know upfront whether or not they can afford a product and will probably only click through if they think it is within their means and are genuinely interested in purchasing it. This benefits your conversion rate and saves you money.

5. Make the most of expanded text ads

There are several differences between expanded text ads and their standard counterparts, but there are two that stand out. The first is that the single-line headline has been replaced by a double-line headline, meaning your headline can now include much more detail. Secondly, the two description lines have now been merged into one. For practical purposes, this means that instead of having two lines with a maximum of 35 characters each, you now have a total of 80 characters with which to play. As an added bonus, expanded text ads are now automatically optimised for mobile.