Make the most of Facebook Live in your marketing

02 August 2017

Make the most of Facebook Live in your marketing

Video and the internet are a perfect match. Now that fast broadband is a reality for a significant percentage of internet users, live video is quickly becoming the next big step forward in content creation and therefore content marketing.

Even though Periscope is continuing its steady march from niche platform to mainstream contender and YouTube appears to be getting ready to offer all users the ability to stream live from mobile devices, the fact is that Facebook Live has the far from insignificant benefit of being on the Facebook platform and as such is ripe for integration into a compelling marketing programme.

Here are four ideas on how to use this new technology as a way to connect your brand to your customers.

Take your audience with you on a tour of one of your locations

Take a look at YouTube and you’ll quickly discover that tours are one of the most popular types of video on the platform. Home tours, room tours, office tours, tours of a local area, basically there seem to be a lot of people out there who just love getting to peek into places they would usually never get a chance to see. Make the most of this instinct and give your customers an insight into where you are when they consume your content and buy your products.

Host an online event

Even though online events are unlikely to generate the same sort of buzz as their real-world counterparts, what they lack in emotional edge, they can more than make up for in convenience.

The reality is that real-world events, by definition, can only be opened up to a limited audience. Online events, by contrast, can be opened to everyone.

Conduct training sessions

Back on YouTube, you’ll soon see that educational videos are another huge category. There are many reasons for this, but most of them boil down to the fact that one of the main drivers for people using the internet is to solve a problem they have, whether it’s what to make for dinner (and how) or what to look for when buying a new car.

As anyone who’s ever tried learning a new skill will know, pre-recorded video can be a great learning tool, but live lessons, even online ones, are far better.

This means they can be a great way to reel in viewers.

Host interviews - and get creative with your interview subjects

Many companies sell products or services that are also available from competitors. At the very least, there will probably be similar products or services available. This means that examining the merits of the product or service itself may well only be part of the buying decision, as is determining whether or not it offers value for money.

These days, many consumers also want to know about the company behind the product to see if it is in line with their values. Companies are made up of the people who work for and with them, so in addition to lining up interviews with people such as managers and in-house experts, consider featuring employees in other parts of the business, such as your customer service team. You might even want to feature external people such as suppliers, to show that you value and build good relationships with them too.