Paid Social

We deliver highly targeted social advertising campaigns for our clients on the most popular social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

Our paid social campaigns complement your PPC campaigns running on Google and other search engines, and add impetus to your social media engagement strategies.

Through the use of Instagram Advertising, we are now able to target extremely specified audiences using highly visual images and videos. Here at DBD, our performance marketing team use the power of machine learning and data, combined with the massive Instagram and Facebook audiences, to target messages and ads at truly relevant audiences.

Whether you want to generate leads, increase brand awareness or get in front of a competitor’s followers, we can make it happen for you. We apply the same rigorous approach to paid social as we do to our PPC campaigns, so that we deliver highly targeted campaigns to the right audience – and we measure the results in the same way, so that you always understand how your budget is working for you.

Our Paid Social Process

Audience Measurement 

Prior to launching any campaign, we conduct research to really understand the audience you wish to reach, and then select the most appropriate channels – whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat or LinkedIn.


Social platforms give us a significant amount of data to use for forecasting. We have the ability to view audience data on a very granular level which enables us to give you a good idea of what can be achieved with your budget.

Ad Creation

Social is the best place to get creative and even though we don’t do the actual creative design, we can work closely with you to develop creative concepts for your ads. Social is flooded with generic ads therefore, ads that are more creative stand out from the crowd and tend to have a higher rate of engagement.

Monitoring & Optimisation 

Paid Social advertising is very responsive and therefore requires consistent monitoring and reactiveness. Social content is consumed significantly quicker which means engagement with ads start and end quicker than usual. It’s imperative that optimisation is carried out and implemented as soon as engagement level drop to ensure performance is consistently improving


Once we’ve initially engaged with users it’s important to re-engage in a non-intrusive way. Social remarketing is an effective way of doing this but it doesn’t stop there. DBD has extensive experience in integrating CRM with social remarketing. This ensures we’re not only re-engaging with new users but also include your existing customer base.


Tracking underpins everything we do. Whether its paid social, display, PPC or organic all channels are measured using industry leading tracking technology. This enables us to gain full insights across all your channels and understand how users interact with your brand throughout the purchase process.


Reporting is transparent and emphasises where and how we have met your deliverables. We don’t believe that reporting for social should be done in isolation, therefore we analyse data coherently with all other search activity to assess how social is contributing to your overall marketing mix.