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DBD was one of the first PPC agencies in the UK. We were ahead of the game when we started, and our approach to PPC is still ahead of the game.

Our PPC team pride themselves on their ability to improve ROI, efficiency and results from almost any campaign, in any vertical market.

Our data-driven, mathematical approach to paid search helps us craft intelligent PPC campaigns that perfectly capture and engage your target audience. We deliver highly targeted, high quality traffic to your website, and constantly optimise to improve performance. And we don’t just do this on Google - we also work with Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

We can maximise your visibility, drive profitable leads, sales and enquiries and save you money by ensuring that your budget is not wasted on ineffective keywords.

We work in partnership with you to fulfill your immediate customer acquisition targets and address any broader, more long-term marketing objectives.

PPC – Our Methodology

Truly effective PPC is based on rock solid processes:


We need to understand as much as possible about you, your products or services and your customers. We need to know how you make money, what “good” looks like, and how you will measure performance.

Planning and Structure

Using a combination of creativity and best practice methodology we build really well-structured PPC campaigns that allow our account managers to optimise effectively, drive results and fine-tune performance in line with your business. 

Keywords and Ad Creative

Our keyword research process is robust, creative and intelligent. We don’t rely solely on keyword tools to do the heavy lifting – instead we use our brains and good old-fashioned teamwork to ensure that your keywords are highly relevant, targeted and aligned to your ad copy and landing pages. And the ads we write are designed to be on-brand, creative and focused on delivering the right message to attract the right customer to your website – through desktop, tablet or mobile.

Testing and Analysis

Our clinical approach to analysing your campaign results ensures that we make intelligent recommendations that are based on robust numerical data. We test and re-test to determine what works and what can be improved. And we keep testing and modifying throughout the lifecycle of your PPC campaign. 


But it doesn’t end there: Our account managers are constantly monitoring, analysing and optimising so that we can quickly react to change – always making decisions based on hard data. That way, all the metrics that matter, from CPC to CTR and from ROI to CVR, will move in the right direction.


Paid search changes constantly. And we embrace and respond to this change in real time. That way we stay ahead of the curve, and so do you. From ad extensions, to match types and remarketing for search, and from Google Shopping to Quality Score and site load times, we need to take everything into account. And when there’s something new we make sure that you know about it, and that we have a practical testing strategy to help you make the most of it.


We report back to you transparently on performance weekly and monthly, and provide you with regular progress reports. This ensures that you understand how your PPC campaigns are running, and how this helps to meet your objectives. Wherever possible we introduce efficiencies that can save you money, and make your campaigns even more effective.

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