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DBD was one of the first PPC agencies in the UK. We were ahead of the game when we started, and our approach is consistently evolving to ensure we stay ahead of the game.

Our PPC team pride themselves on their ability to improve ROI, efficiency and results from almost any campaign, in any vertical market.

Our approach is highly structured, data-driven, audience-focused and mathematical. This lets us craft rally intelligent PPC campaigns that perfectly capture and engage your target audience.

We deliver highly targeted, high quality traffic to your website, and constantly optimise to improve performance. And we don’t just do this on Google - we also work with Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter.

We can maximise your visibility, drive profitable leads, sales and enquiries and save you money by ensuring that your budget is not wasted on ineffective keywords.

Our Paid Search Process


To better understand your online environment we completely submerge ourselves in your business. We learn what motivates your users and how they behave across all your digital channels. This allows us to discover how users interact with your brand, what turns users into paying customers and how to attribute results across multiple channels.


Our forecasting is based on a combination of legacy data, your most recent data, market trends and planned activity. By assimilating this data, we are able to calculate what expected movement in performance you will achieve.


The insights gained in the discovery and forecasting phase allows us to agree on a set of goals and objectives. We are then able to plan and build well structured PPC campaigns that meet your objectives. Our campaign structures allow account managers to optimise efficiently and ensure performance is continuously aligned to your paid search KPIs.


Tracking underpins everything we do. Whether it's paid social, display, PPC or organic, all channels are measured using industry leading tracking technology. This enables us to gain full insights across all your channels and understand how users interact with your brand throughout the purchase process.


Through effective measurement, we’re able to gain valuable insights into what’s working and what’s not working in your account. At DBD, we employ a combination of bid management tools, optimisation software and good old fashioned human interaction to make sure your account is continuously optimised at the most granular level. We always make certain that your budget is spent on quality and not quantity.


Reporting can be a time consuming mundane task however, at DBD we’ve streamlined this process to make it simple yet effective. We don’t have a “one size fits all” approach, reports are customised to meet your internal requirements and we align all your objectives so that you can see clear deliverables weekly or monthly.


Paid search is constantly evolving. We embrace this through the use of bid management tools, attribution technology, optimisation tools, reporting platforms and much more. Through innovative use of technology, we are able to constantly improve ROI, CPC, CTR and deliver highly successful campaigns that exceed targets.

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