Social Media

Social media can help you connect to new audiences, create powerful and loyal relationships with existing customers - and improve your organic search visibility.

DBD’s social media approach is all about creating connections and loyalty. We listen carefully to your audience, tune into what is important to them, and engage them with interesting, creative and useful conversations.

We carefully consider which platforms, tone and approach will best help fulfil your social media objectives, and then help you manage your community – whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest or LinkedIn.

We can make your customers feel really valued – we can make them smile with entertaining content, or keep them up to date with your latest news or product updates.

Our social media process

Great social media campaigns are based on:


We always start with getting to know you, understanding your brand and how your customers communicate. For us, knowing your aims and what you hope to achieve through your digital platforms is essential.

Strategy Development

We help you to devise a social media strategy that has your business and marketing objectives at its core. We take your organisational workings and resources into account, and build a personalised approach that works best for you. We understand how to best measure social media, and what it can do for you, so that you can see the effectiveness of your investment. And we help you to understand the impact that social media is having on your overall visibility.

Monitoring and insight

Using a combination of market-leading analytic tools and a firm finger on the social media pulse, we listen to the conversations your audience is having so that we really start to understand your customers. This helps us to generate insight that will assist you across your whole business – from sales to marketing, communications, customer service and PR.


We increase your online visibility by building up a dialogue with the people that matter to you. We do this through engaging with influencers, bloggers and journalists, where relevant, including those in our own community, the Bloggers' Lounge. We craft appealing and creative stories and content to protect and enhance your reputation, as well as communicate your offerings and key marketing messages.

Social media analytics and measurement

We analyse the impact social media is having on your business in terms of customer acquisition e.g. website visits, registrations, leads, sales and revenue. We scrutinise performance, making sure adjustments are made to secure the best return on investment possible.

Training and consultancy

We offer training to assist clients in making sense of their opportunities in the social media space and to ensure that their in-house marketing teams stay ahead of the game and continue to follow best practice in terms of social media execution.

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