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The Blogger’s Lounge is an award winning blog that provides the blogging community with support, insights and guidance on PR, SEO, social media, blogging, and branding.


With over 5,000 followers, the Blogger’s Lounge wanted to acknowledge and recognise blogging excellence within their community, as well as thank bloggers for their loyalty. We were also challenged with increasing engagement and sign ups of new bloggers, boosting traffic to the blog and generating a social media buzz.


To meet the objectives of the Blogger’s Lounge, we ran an awards campaign to name the Best Blogger of the Year, in a variety of categories. Initially, bloggers had to sign up to the Blogger’s Lounge network, and fill in a short application form. This ensured we captured details of new bloggers, widening our community. Categories were diverse and deliberated included blog themes that we didn’t have strong community engagement with.

Five finalists were then selected from each category. To win, bloggers had to get as many votes as they could, by promoted their nominations on their blogs and to their social media following. This dramatically increased mentions of the Blogger’s Lounge and provided numerous links and click throughs back to the blog, improving the site’s authority.

Once finalists were announced we provided the winners with promotional materials such as badges to help further publicise the awards.


The Blogger’s Lounge awards resulted in an additional 600 bloggers sign up to the network, and gained coverage on over 25 blogs, resulting in site’s trust flow doubling from 8 to 16.

Over 3,000 people voted for their favourite blogger to win. During the awards, traffic to the blog increased 115%, and pageviews reached 22,000, an increase of 77% compared to the previous period.

On Twitter over 450 people used the hastag #BLAwards and our tweets received nearly 850,000 impressions. The campaign resulted in over 250 retweets, tweets favourited by more than 1,000 followers and we gained 1,200 new followers.

On Facebook likes increased 41% compared to the previous period, with posts reaching almost 40,000 compared to 11,000 in the previous period.