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Driving conversion rates via PPC


Doxdirect provide online document printing and binding services for a wide range of documents including books, booklets, reports & more. They specialise in short print runs at highly competitive prices.


Doxdirect engaged DBD’s PPC team to increase their website traffic and drive sales of their printing services.


Our PPC team undertook a complete rebuild of the PPC accounts, building extensive campaigns targeting the full range of Doxdirect’s products and services. The team spent three months testing and optimising the campaigns to maximise efficiency and spend using a range of techniques – from ad scheduling, to mobile bid multipliers and extensive negative matching. This streamlining increased operating efficiency, freeing up additional budget to invest in the highest performing campaigns and keywords.

The campaign was built with conversion optimisation in mind, and delivered huge improvements over previous campaign activity. Once we had tested and developed an efficient process in Google we exported the campaigns and keywords to the Yahoo Bing network, providing Doxdirect with an entirely new audience to maximise impressions and sales.


Since taking over the account, we have increased the volume of conversions by 80% via a strategy that involved following a strict build methodology, careful data-based testing and an absolute focus on increasing conversion rates and ROI.