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Increasing quadcopter and camera drone sales

Content Marketing & Outreach

First Person View sell quadcopters and camera drones and a wide range of accessories such as camera mounts and video transmitters and monitors.


Drones and quadcopters are enjoying a lot of press coverage. First Person View wanted to get a share of the action, increase their traffic and therefore revenue and search visibility as well as increase their presence in the media.


Once we’d completed an in-depth technical audit we began work on onsite optimisation. Key actions included promoting internal linking, cleaning up 404 errors, and adding keyword rich headings and text. Heading and content duplication was working against the site so we added noindex tags to low quality and duplicate pages to reduce the inflated number of pages in Google, as well as creating new content to avoid repetitions.

Having audited our client’s content we promoted the use of how to videos on product and blog pages to increase the value to the user. As the personal use of drones is relatively new we developed resource hubs designed to help and educate users, such as a drone safety centre.

Once the site was fully optimised we engaged with journalists and secured features and links from a range of high profile sites such as the Independent, Time, FPVUK homepage (industry leading site) and PC Advisor. With other publications such as Shortlist and Techradar we ran competitions to win a quadcoptor. Links from sites with such high domain authorities are integral to building the authority of First Person View, and the features generated a massive number of referrals. The top three sites generated 1004, 363 and 307 referrals alone.


In the first quarter of the year, since we took over the account, we have increased year-on-year traffic 153% which is over 25,000 more visitors to the website. This has resulted in an increase of revenue of 39%.