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Content Marketing

Regal Rose are a high profile fashion jewellery and accessories retailer, whose fans include celebrities such as Jesse J, Rita Ora and Ellie Goulding.


Having grown to its current size with minimal marketing activity, Regal Rose wanted to capitalise on its celebrity endorsements and take the next steps to increase revenue and reach. Our challenge was to raise the profile of Regal Rose amongst their target audience of fashion conscious influential bloggers, and to identify a select number of brand ambassadors from this group, who we will work with on future campaigns.


To build awareness of Regal Rose amongst fashion and lifestyle bloggers we generated a buzz around the opportunity to work with the much loved boutique. We spread the word via our award winning blogger platform, the Bloggers’ Lounge, asking bloggers to register their interest and apply. Using Twitter and Facebook we were in touch with over 19,000 active fashionistas which got the social media world engaged and mentioning our client. To ensure we reached high quality, heavy-weight social influencers we also ran an email campaign to 1,500 hand selected bloggers.


Creating a buzz around Regal Rose was achieved; on Twitter our favourites were updated over 200 times, and resulted in 181 new followers for our client in just 10 days.

On Facebook, our updates had a total impression reach of nearly 2,000 and the post on the Bloggers’ Lounge was viewed over 2,000 times by 1,607 new users.

Our email campaign to influencers smashed the industry average open and click through rates proving our approach was very well targeted to our audience. 47% of recipients opened the email, compared to the average rate of 12.7, and our click through rate was 16% compared to the average of 1.5%.

The campaign resulted in securing six fantastic brand ambassadors such as Stephi LaReine, who has over 18,500 followers on Instagram, 17,000 Twitter followers and whose YouTube channel has had 14,500 views.